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Beyond Eden
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Beyond Eden

For Eden visual novel defined in the Victorian era and focuses on the theme of “hatred love” and “revenge.” The player enters the skin of Alex Wake, a new businessman, returned to the house in Barons, where he remained young. deep wrath against the baron and his family, Alex tries to manipulate them and their employees to take the family on the path and develop a dark and complex relationship with six male characters. It depends on vasvyklyuchana, the player to discover the history of the tragedy to predict or to help Alex smallPossibility of a psychological thriller in which romance is centered, based on the theme of love and grim: doubtful sex / non-consensual special permission among adults of the six male characters (5 romantic interest) of all ages, face and body: sober eldest son and eldest son, and the son of a silent, clean and nevinavatymalodshy child, a friendly family doctor, impeccably an educated butler and social butterfly of 20 games of sexual content. (Note: nocontain sexual images of women and minors.) Individual stories for all romantic interests. When you eliminate any route, you will discover the whole truth about the tragedy that occurred in the barons mansion, more than ten years, in addition to 70 that the illustrated case offers prafesiynagadyktary Eden Korean voice during a great game in mind originalsecond a drama period. More than 30 ~ 25 hours for romantic interests. friendly character (and not the romantic story of the route) (Note: JeremyHe does not have any romantic interest, but Alex still has a certain kind of relationship with him.) Jeremy has his own story and ending) Story It’s the final Victorian times. sudden public relations concern and change everything seem, the first rutsinai unchanged look “Ashgrove Park, mansion is surrounded by an enormous man comes in its containment for versors. And human, who spent childhood in the estate. He returned after 10 years. mansion of Baron Edenicthevan and his four children, the doctor,and greet them with distrust, joy or ignorance. The story of destruction and discord between the people and the country, and a man hiding his thirst for revenge between the tranquility awaits NadEden falls?